Main ZH.Cash site

Main ZH.Cash site

The main website of the blockchain platform.
Main web management ZHCash blockchain console.

Main web ZHCash.Org

Main web management console. Token market. Launchpad. Smart contract constructors. NFT market. Exchange of pending orders. Staking.
Decentralized venture fund Zerogravity Foundation

Decentralized venture fund Zerogravity.Foundation

Association of investors with the richest experience in creating and development of projects in the field of IT and Blockchain technologies.
ZHChain network monitoring and statistics

Monitoring ZHCash.Network

ZHChain network monitoring and statistics. Supernodes rating. Blockchain network monitoring.
Master block explorer ZHCash Network.

Master explorer Zeroscan.Io

Master block explorer. Token explorer. PoS node rating. JSON api. Transaction explorer. Network statistics. Rich list. Stake calculator. Send RAW transaction.
Real-time explorer ZHChain Network

Real-time explorer Zeroblock.Net

The block explorer, which is real-time and has a large bandwidth, works with an api box.
APIBOX - it is an easy way to build, test and run blockchain applications.

ApiBox.Online REST-API

APIBOX - it is an easy way to build, test and run blockchain applications. We offer developers a flexible platform to bring their blockchain ideas to life.


DAO ZHCASH are special functionaries and main validators of the network ZHCASH whose sole duty is to follow the program rules decentralized consensus and compliance with the DAO charter.
User support ZHChain & ZHCash network service

Support Hub

User support service. Technical advice. Proposals about cooperation.